Triangle Garden

Ferrysburg Triangle Garden

Club members donate their time throughout the growing season to plant, weed, prune, and winterize this lovely public garden in Ferrysburg.

August 2022

Maintaining Community Gardens

June 2022


June 2020:  The Triangle Garden lilies, milkweed and annuals are all in bloom and it is just gorgeous! Special thanks to the Triangle Team for taking turns on weekly weeding and maintenance: Julie, Cindy, Barbara , Janet , Nancy, Stephanie, Sue, Sharon, Cathy, Gayle, Sandy, Pat, Lori, Lisa, and Pam. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment with Julie hard at work!  Hope you get a chance to drive by.

Triangle Garden Spring Planting 2021_2

Weeding and Planting, May 2021

Triangle Garden Spring Planting 2021


Club member Jim Ruther hard at work making the triangle garden look its best.  Spring 2020.

Triangle Garden Picture

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