Love In Action  – Tri-Cities Garden Club Helping Our Community    I would like to thank our generous members who helped fund the Love In Action food truck. I would also like to thank our brave members who bundled up and braved the cold to serve people who lined up to receive food this Friday, January 22.   Here is a message from Love in Action.  Thank you Tri-Cites Garden Club for sponsoring and serving at the food truck today with the assistance of some Calvary School students. It was a cold blustery day on which you provided food for 355 individuals from 107 households. With your assistance we also provided coats, hats, gloves, & scarves! You are a blessing!  Thanks again everyone, see you in April, stay warm, stay safe! Pam 

                                 Environmental Mission Statement: 

Tri-Cities Garden Club will strive to be as eco-friendly and environmentally conscious as possible and reduce negative impact on the environment by adopting the best environmental practices available.